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Millennium porcelain dream
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Millennium porcelain dream
  • Yufeng Station   
  • T167224002
  • ZHOU ZHONG JU 2018, Traditional chinese painting, Paper color, in stock
  • excellent
  • ¥129,500.00
  • (Including copyright price:¥6,500.00,Copyright registration fee:¥300)
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  • 217cm ×190cm 38
Art appreciation
The work "Millennium Porcelain Dream" shows the glory of the ancient Chinese Maritime Silk Road and the unique charm of porcelain culture with delicate brushstrokes and vivid pictures. In the painting, a richly decorated ancient Chinese sailboat waves through the waves, and the complex patterns and words on the canvas seem to tell an ancient porcelain dream. The main colors of blue and white not only create a tranquil and mysterious atmosphere, but also highlight the elegance and nobility of porcelain culture.
Painting certificate
China Artist

Zhou Zhongju, a native of Yongji, Shanxi, graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree in art and graduated from Professor Jiang Yixiang (doctoral supervisor and vice president of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts). 2019 talents funded by the Belt and Road Initiative National Art Fund of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, and learned from Professor Yi Feng (tutor of Ming and Qing literati painting studio of Rongbaozhai painting Academy). She is a member of China Artists Association, China meticulous painting Association, Shanxi Artists Association, China Female Painters Association, vice chairman of Yongji Artists Association, and painter of Ming and Qing literati painting studio of Rongbaozhai painting academy.

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Millennium porcelain dream