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Tyfon Art Mall, an art collection e-commerce platform built by Tyfon Culture, is an O2O collection platform that integrates online collection information flow and offline business services. Tyfon Art Mall provides artists and art collectors with collectibles consignment sales services through the Tyfon Art Mall platform art technology services (including art authentication, traceability and certification services, art exhibition and display services, precision customer marketing services for artwork, source of art authentication services, and artists integrated credit scoring mechanism), inviting potential buyers to participate in the offline art collection exhibitions for matchmaking transactions. Tyfon Culture charges transaction service fees (including authentication and traceability fees, exhibition and display fees, art copyright brokerage fees, art brokerage fees, and so on). We have also developed art authentication and traceability blockchain system, artificial intelligence and big data driven painting verification system, AR, VR and XR multi-dimensional user experience system to bring a new brokerage service experience into the art collection industry.
The Company is committed to establishing a global collection digitization service platform, providing digital brokerage services for the art collection market through the application of e-commerce, blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data technologies. We provide platform services for graphic art collection, three-dimensional art collection, cultural and creative collection, sports card collection, animation peripheral collection and intellectual property rights transaction. In parallel, we explore and discover the art collection in the mainstream in different countries, and customize and develop digital art software services, building a big database of global art collection, transaction, traceability and artists to serve the global art collection market.
Users can access Tyfon Culture's collection brokerage services by downloading the Tyfon Art Gallery App or by directly visiting the website at