Enterprise Culture-Tyfon Art Mall-Tyfon Cultural Art Comprehensive Service Platform

Intangible Collection




Corporate Culture(Values)

  • Consumer Positioning:

    New middle class global art collectors.

  • Brand Positioning:

    He world's leading digital platform for art services.

  • Brand Essence:

    Because of love, we persevere.

  • Brand Temperament:

    Trustworthy Technological Excellent.

  • Brand Values:

    For the eternal art.

  • Brand Core Value Proposition:

    Curated·Authenticity Making art transactions easier.

  • Brand Slogan:

    Buying and selling art Find TaiFung/Your Nearby Art Concierge.

  • Brand Vision:

    To become the leader in global art services platform.

  • Brand Mission:

    To promote the inheritance and development of human art.

Office Environment

Employee Demeanor