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Open up Artistic Horizons for Culture and Aesthetics Inheritance

Tyfon Culture is a renowned Chinese contemporary Chinese painting art integrated service platform, specializing in the field of contemporary Chinese painting art. In cooperation with Chinese Artists Association under the Chinese National Art Association system, we act as the agent of contemporary Chinese painting of Chinese Artists Association and outstanding artists’ works, while maintaining a strong relationship with national and foreign galleries, museums, drawing and calligraphy institutions, and art expositions. We continue to expand the artwork collection by cooperating with members of the Chinese Artists Association to maintain the inventory of artworks, and tap more potential artists and works, with themes covering contemporary humanities, nature and history, gradually building the world's largest online collection of contemporary Chinese paintings.

Tyfon Culture adopts blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data technology to empower the integration and innovation of science and technology and culture, and utilizes blockchain deposit and tracing technology, image high-resolution intelligent comparison technology, integrated model evaluation technology for artworks and artists, authentication and encrypted technology for circulation process, and a variety of intelligent deposit and tracing technology to address the difficulties in the identification of rights, authentication, valuation, tracing the source and logistics consolidation of artworks. This constitutes an intelligent integrated application system of blockchain artwork, thereby increasing the standardized and scientific intelligent management level of the art industry and enhancing the vitality of artworks.

The ARTkey Blockchain art authentication system independently developed by Tyfon Culture is the first blockchain technology system put into market for application in China, providing decentralized and unalterable authentication service for artworks, and independent and traceable professional identity authentication for artists, marking a major accomplishment of Tyfon Culture in the field of art technology.

As an artwork collection and discovery platform, Tyfon Culture envisions to broaden the art market for supporting broader artists and artworks.

Tyfon Culture had a turnover of $2 billion in 2022 and paid taxes totaling $88.76 million, representing a growth rate of 43%.

Corporate Culture

Consumer Positioning:

The new middle class consumer with a taste for art collection around the world

Brand Positioning:

The world's leading artwork digitization service platform

Brand Spirit:

Perseverance with Passion

Brand Ethos:

Integrity, Technology and Excellence

Brand Values:

Perpetual Passion for Art

The core value of the brand:

Selection and Authenticity for Easier Purchase and Sale of Artworks

Brand slogan:

Looking to buy or sell artworks? Get in touch with Tyfon or your art manager

Brand Vision:

To be the leader of global art service platform

Brand Mission:

Promote the heritage and development of art

Business Structure
Tyfon Culture's business structure demonstrates a vertical art ecosystem that includes brokerage, authentication, technology and content. Art brokerage facilitates the efficiency of art exchanges; art authentication guarantees the value of artworks; art technology continuously improves the service experience; art content enriches the cultural life and supports the perpetual heritage of art and culture.
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  • Art Authentication Business Group


  • Art Technology Business Group


  • Art Content Business Group


We strive to develop art brokerage and art collection and trading business to create a full range of service network from online to offline, offering high-quality exchange services for potential contemporary Chinese painting artists in China and around the world, and for global contemporary Chinese painting art collectors, and enhancing the overall art exchange experience through art blockchain authentication and traceability, art and technology services, and sharing of art and cultural content.