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Books are never tired of reading frequently.
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Books are never tired of reading frequently.
  • Jiaxing Station   
  • T04718115
  • ZHAO JIN LONG 2018, Traditional chinese painting, Paper ink painting, sold
  • excellent
  • ¥52,700.00
  • SF Express (Special Security Service),Free shipping
  • 78cm ×35cm 2
Art appreciation
I am not tired of reading old books. Sisi knows that the woman in the painting is holding a thick book and can not put it down. She seems to want to read the whole book thoroughly. A woman with the appearance of a closed moon and sunken fish and wild geese is enjoying the lotus flowers, which seems to be comparable to the flowers, while the other is wearing a bamboo hat and holding a kettle in her hand, as if she had just returned from working in the field. This scene, through the painter's simple outline, saw the painter's yearning for a better life.
Painting certificate
China Artist
BORN IN 1962

Zhao jinlong, from zibo, shandong. He is a member of china artists association, a painter of china art creation institute, a studio tutor of the school of continuing education of renmin university of china, and honorary chairman of zibo art association. His works have participated in national-level exhibitions, nomination exhibitions and academic exhibitions held by the chinese federation of literature and art and the chinese association of fine arts for many times and have won many awards and been collected.
The way zhao jinlong brought contemporary cultural reality into the magnetic field of ancient culture also depended on the ink media he used. On the one hand, he made his pen and ink carry the cultural qualities of the traditional literati paintings which are calm, introverted, ancient and free and easy, and reflected the foundation of the ink of the pen; On the other hand, he generalized the ink of the pen and ink, to explore the pen for calligraphy in a broad sense, especially the material beauty formed when water and rice paper touch and permeate, water is more than ink and more than pen. It is the generalization of pen and ink that solves the problem of spatial processing of the interlaced time and space of his pictures and rendering of the ancient cultural atmosphere.

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Books are never tired of reading frequently.