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Li yaolin, born in 1959, is from beijing. Graduated from the central academy of arts and crafts.
Member of china artists association, director of china artists association, deputy director of comprehensive painting art committee of china artists association, vice chairman of beijing artists association, secretary general of chinese painting art committee of beijing artists association, researcher of china ink painting art research institute.

Group exhibition/group exhibition
He painted shakespeare's famous drama "taming the shrew" and made public art design at the same time.
He founded and edited the art pictures of beijing evening news art weekly, and wrote hundreds of thousands of words of art review articles, which were published in newspapers and websites at home and abroad and used for TV special programs.
Hold a joint exhibition of landscape paintings "entering guizhou" with northern european artists in yunfeng painting garden in beijing.
Writing for cctv's special program "art starry sky.
Chinese folk sketches are exhibited in galleries in new york and los angeles.
The painting landscape "xiangxi ancient town" is collected by american collectors.
"Shangri-la landscape sketching joint exhibition" was exhibited in the art museum of the central academy of fine arts and a collection of paintings was published.
The special draft of culture and art of sydney olympic games, which was written for investigation in sydney, was broadcast on cctv channel 1 on the opening ceremony of sydney olympic games.
Travel to france to investigate and exchange, and hold a joint exhibition of ink painting.
Ink landscape painting "yunnan naxi old street" is collected by german collectors.
Travel to britain for investigation and exchange.
The ink landscape painting "going to the altar" is collected by japanese collectors.
Travel to scotland to investigate and exchange, and create scottish landscape paintings.
Travel to russia to investigate and exchange, and create russian series landscape paintings.
He went to italy to participate in the chinese culture year in italy, and the oil painting works of chinese architecture were exhibited in italy. The consul general and the speaker in milan attended the opening ceremony; He planned the "looking back at china" of the chinese art association to commemorate the 100 national art exhibition of the 1911 revolution, the work "sun yat-sen's former residence" was exhibited
Create the 18-meter-long volume "the pearl of the grand canal"; Go to the depth of yanshan mountain to investigate and study the yanshan mountains and the ancient great wall architecture; Create the "shuangqing villa-liberate the whole china", participate in the national exhibition; Go to gansu for an interview; create jiaodong island
Go to mount tai to collect wind; The 8th national congress of the chinese association of fine arts, elected as the director for the second time; Create the great wall auspicious cloud for zhejiang; Go to guangxi to interview and create; the final judge of comprehensive materials and painting works of the 12th national art exhibition of china association for fine arts, and the work "the source of the yangtze river" participated in the 12th national art exhibition
Hold a personal exhibition in ningxia museum to "commemorate the 80th anniversary of the red army's long march"; Create "taihang mountain" to participate in the exhibition of china art association; Create "snow plateau" for the municipal party committee; Go to wuyi mountain to sketch; Go to dalian to sketch; he created "ifeibao" and "miyun reservoir" to participate in the beijing image exhibition; He participated in the judges of the ningbo biennial exhibition of comprehensive material painting of the chinese art association, and his works were exhibited on the judges of the biennial exhibition; He went to shaanxi to sketch; go to yongxing island south china sea to sketch with beijing federation of literary and art; Go to zhuangxiang, guangxi to sketch
Publishing stamp album album "time pioneer"; Going to huangshan for sketching; Going to sichuan-tibet line for sketching with chinese artists association, and displaying works; Going to yunnan for sketching with cctv; Holding an exhibition in jiangsu; Taking painters to australia for sketching; he went to heilongjiang and russia to sketch, and exhibited his works in beijing; He created a 20-meter long volume of dagu river; He cooperated with wang mingming and others in landscape painting.
The judges of the ningbo biennial exhibition of comprehensive material painting of china association of fine arts, and some works are exhibited on the judges of the biennial exhibition; Go to hainan for sketching, oil painting sketching works are exhibited and collected in hainan; Give lectures in socialist college; Go to suzhou garden for sketching; exhibit traditional chinese painting works in 798; Go to henan and zhejiang to sketch; Host the chongqing annual meeting of china art association comprehensive material painting art committee
Teaching for the training of young artists from 3 national funds, the topic is: celebrating the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china, the theme creation and deepening of the 13th national art exhibition; Participating in the chinese art association zhejiang lishui sketching, oil painting sketching works in beijing, exhibited in zhejiang; Participated in the third council of the 8th china association for fine arts; Participated in the works exhibition of famous artists of beijing federation of literature and art; Participated in the national fund's investigation and sketching in dunhuang; Held an exhibition in jiangsu; Created large paintings for the new office building of municipal party committee and municipal people's congress
The works have been published in many newspapers such as people's daily, guangming daily, china youth daily, workers daily, china culture daily, china cppcc daily, beijing daily, beijing evening news, etc.
Great works have been exhibited in the great hall of the people for many years
Works are exhibited in beijing convention center and beijing municipal government lobby for many years
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