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He zhanfu: member of china artists association; Director of china artists association; Chairman of ningxia artists association, deputy director and secretary general of traditional chinese painting and art committee; Full-time painter of ningxia academy of painting and calligraphy; Visiting scholar of china academy of arts, painter of jiang baolin studio; Painter of fan yang studio of china national academy of painting; Representative of the 11th national people's congress of the autonomous region; Standing committee of shizuishan cppcc; Vice chairman of shizuishan federation of literary and art; President of shizuishan academy of painting and calligraphy, curator of art gallery; Chairman of shizuishan artists association; dean of ningxia landscape painting research institute; Chinese environmental protection public welfare artist; Researcher of ningxia museum of literature and history; Awarded as "a famous cultural artist in china" by the autonomous region, "four talents in a group"; Enjoying government subsidies, advanced individuals for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the city. He was selected into the national art exhibition sponsored by china artists association for 18 times and won the bronze and excellence awards. Hold individual exhibitions in beijing military museum and many provincial art galleries, and create huge works for the great hall of the people in beijing, the people's government of the autonomous region, the party school, the municipal government, the cultural museum, the vip hall, etc.
He successively created huge landscape paintings for the standing conference room of the government of ningxia autonomous region, huge landscape paintings for the conference room of yinchuan municipal government, and large-scale creations for the vip hall of the party school of the autonomous region, such as the peak on mount liupan and the vip hall of shahu. He created huge works of art for shizuishan administrative center, pingluo art museum and so on, which aroused great repercussions in our city, trained and trained a large number of art authors, it makes the city's painting and calligraphy institute a beautiful window for our city's cultural cause and a broad platform for artistic creation and communication.
Main art activities:
1. National art exhibitions have been held for many times: (1) the national famous painter mr. manweiqi's works exhibition; (2) the shandong qingdao painting academy's works exhibition; (3) the china three gorges painting academy's works exhibition; (4), the 2012 national art exhibition was held in shizuishan painting and calligraphy institute.
2. Insist on exhibition all the year round, and often have activities. He zhanfu studio was established in beijing.
3. Adhere to the education and improvement of fine arts, and hold public welfare classes of fine arts and calligraphy education all the year round in the academy of calligraphy and painting without any fees charged by students. He took the lead in teaching and mobilized academicians of the academy of painting and calligraphy to give free lectures, which was highly praised.
4. Organize and lead art authors and enthusiasts in our city to carry out activities such as collecting styles, sketching, pen meetings and artistic creation in and outside the city and the district.
He zhanfu landscape painting exhibition was held in beijing military museum. And broadcast it on cctv. Cctv painting and calligraphy channel broadcast. People's daily, CCTV, china art daily, art daily, people's daily, xinhua, sina,, china education television and other major websites published. It has become the cultural carrier of shizuishan's publicity. He zhanfu landscape painting exhibition was held in renmin art museum of jinan city, shandong province, and personal exhibitions were held many times in linyi zaozhuang and other places. It created a precedent for our city's painters to hold personal art exhibitions in the capital of the eastern cultural province. I have broadcasted personal feature films on ningxia TV for many times.

Group exhibition/group exhibition
New era, new look, new act "cppcc members celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up painting and calligraphy exhibition
National chinese painting exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the chinese workers' and peasants' red army in the long march
National chinese painting exhibition in 2006
Commemorating mao zedong's speech "60th anniversary of speech at yan'an forum on literature and art"
Chinese painting nomination exhibition commemorating the 365th anniversary of pu songling's birth in 2005
Chinese painting nomination exhibition "commemorating ye qianyu's 100th birthday"
The 4th western land china painting exhibition
2007 chinese love-art calligraphy exhibition
2008 commemorating the 30th anniversary of china's reform and opening up shanghai oriental art museum national chinese painting masters invitation exhibition
Plateau. Plateau china western china art exhibition selected
Selected in the 4th national flower and bird painting exhibition in china
Harmonious zhao yan, red taihang national chinese painting exhibition
"Landscape home" the third invitation exhibition of works of famous chinese landscape paintings
"Landscape home" invitational exhibition of works of famous chinese landscape paintings
National unity and harmonious homeland the 4th national hui painting and calligraphy exhibition
Report exhibition in the great hall of the people
Qingdao international art biennale
Yinchuan painting and calligraphy masters' works exhibition
"If you don't go to the great wall, you are not a hero" commemorates the 95th anniversary of the founding of the party and the 80th anniversary of the victory of the red army's long march
"Welcome to the 19th national congress of the communist party of china" art, calligraphy and photography exhibition of the whole region
Welcome the "news media cup" of the 19th national congress of hanmo to the beijing exhibition of outstanding works in the national art and calligraphy competition
"Sixty years of glory entering a new era" to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the autonomous region art, calligraphy and photography exhibition
Get reward
2012 wu guanzhong art museum opening and national chinese painting exhibition
The third national minority art exhibition
National art exhibition commemorating the 60th anniversary of the victory of the anti-japanese war in 2005
2004 national chinese painting exhibition
The second mass calligraphy, painting and photography competition in the whole district
The cultural department of ningxia hui autonomous region hosted the third calligraphy, painting and photography competition for the whole region in 2017
Celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party, celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new china and the 13th national art exhibition ningxia...
Paper "the expression form of image space in chinese landscape painting"
The thesis "analysis of 'vividness of charm '"
Paper "research on he shaoji's calligraphy"
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