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Zhu fapeng, formerly known as zhu dapeng. Member of china artists association, national first-class artist, top 100 masters in the price index of contemporary traditional chinese painting in yachang from 2010 to 2011, ranked 46th in the 2016 hurun art list and 68th in the 2019 hurun art list. The works have been collected and auctioned by many museums, art galleries and auction houses at home and abroad, among which the works have been auctioned for many times in poly, rongbao and hanhai spring and autumn. He has published classics of techniques and legends of contemporary famous artists/flowers and birds of zhu faseng's freehand brushwork, research series of contemporary chinese painters/zhu faseng, paintings of zhu faseng, "Collection of chinese contemporary famous artists/zhu faseng", "collection of freehand flower and bird works/zhu faseng colorful ink world", "collection of chinese paintings by zhu faseng", "collection of oil paintings by zhu faseng", dozens of picture albums, such as "chinese modern and famous paintings/zhu faseng (upper and lower).


Li yaolin, born in 1959, is from beijing. Graduated from the central academy of arts and crafts.
Member of china artists association, director of china artists association, deputy director of comprehensive painting art committee of china artists association, vice chairman of beijing artists association, secretary general of chinese painting art committee of beijing artists association, researcher of china ink painting art research institute.


Ren zhengjiang, born in tianchang city, anhui province in may 1965, is now a member of china artists association, a distinguished professor of rong baozhai painting and calligraphy institute, vice president of anhui painting and calligraphy institute of agricultural engineering democratic party, executive director of anhui meticulous painting, and a member of anhui calligrapher association, chairman of tianchang beauty association!


Zhang yuejin, named zuishan, is from sichuan.
Member of china artists association, vice chairman of hong kong artists association, vice chairman of sichuan artists association, member of sichuan federation of literature and art, director of central painting academy of the civil revolution, vice chairman of sichuan landscape painting committee, special librarian of sichuan literature and history museum, honorary chairman of zigong artists association. The works are introduced in special editions in publications such as "chinese calligraphy and painting", "chinese painter", "chinese painting garden" and "fine arts.
The work "li bing and his son and dujiangyan" (cooperation) is collected and permanently displayed by the national museum. He was rated as the first batch of representatives of the art strength of bashu painting school and attended the 8th national american congress of china artists association in 2013.


Tang wenguo was born in 1964, native of juye, shandong. Member of china artists association, vice president of people's daily minsheng painting and calligraphy art academy, works in the national art museum of china painting academy.
In recent years, the creation takes the western minorities as the material, and has been on-the-spot investigation and sketching for many times. The creation of his ink characters not only has the academic height of academic solid foundation, but also pays attention to reflect people's livelihood, it reflects some common scenery in real life, which is refreshing and can be appreciated by both refined and popular tastes. With pen and ink, the technique of landscape flower-and-bird painting can be freely used in his figure painting creation, which is quite popular among collectors.


He zhanfu: member of china artists association; Director of china artists association; Chairman of ningxia artists association, deputy director and secretary general of traditional chinese painting and art committee; Full-time painter of ningxia academy of painting and calligraphy; Visiting scholar of china academy of arts, painter of jiang baolin studio; Painter of fan yang studio of china national academy of painting; Representative of the 11th national people's congress of the autonomous region; Standing committee of shizuishan cppcc; Vice chairman of shizuishan federation of literary and art; President of shizuishan academy of painting and calligraphy, curator of art gallery; Chairman of shizuishan artists association; dean of ningxia landscape painting research institute; Chinese environmental protection public welfare artist; Researcher of ningxia museum of literature and history; Awarded as "a famous cultural artist in china" by the autonomous region, "four talents in a group"; Enjoying government subsidies, advanced individuals for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the city. He was selected into the national art exhibition sponsored by china artists association for 18 times and won the bronze and excellence awards. Hold individual exhibitions in beijing military museum and many provincial art galleries, and create huge works for the great hall of the people in beijing, the people's government of the autonomous region, the party school, the municipal government, the cultural museum, the vip hall, etc.
He successively created huge landscape paintings for the standing conference room of the government of ningxia autonomous region, huge landscape paintings for the conference room of yinchuan municipal government, and large-scale creations for the vip hall of the party school of the autonomous region, such as the peak on mount liupan and the vip hall of shahu. He created huge works of art for shizuishan administrative center, pingluo art museum and so on, which aroused great repercussions in our city, trained and trained a large number of art authors, it makes the city's painting and calligraphy institute a beautiful window for our city's cultural cause and a broad platform for artistic creation and communication.
Main art activities:
1. National art exhibitions have been held for many times: (1) the national famous painter mr. manweiqi's works exhibition; (2) the shandong qingdao painting academy's works exhibition; (3) the china three gorges painting academy's works exhibition; (4), the 2012 national art exhibition was held in shizuishan painting and calligraphy institute.
2. Insist on exhibition all the year round, and often have activities. He zhanfu studio was established in beijing.
3. Adhere to the education and improvement of fine arts, and hold public welfare classes of fine arts and calligraphy education all the year round in the academy of calligraphy and painting without any fees charged by students. He took the lead in teaching and mobilized academicians of the academy of painting and calligraphy to give free lectures, which was highly praised.
4. Organize and lead art authors and enthusiasts in our city to carry out activities such as collecting styles, sketching, pen meetings and artistic creation in and outside the city and the district.
He zhanfu landscape painting exhibition was held in beijing military museum. And broadcast it on cctv. Cctv painting and calligraphy channel broadcast. People's daily, CCTV, china art daily, art daily, people's daily, xinhua, sina, sohu.com, china education television and other major websites published. It has become the cultural carrier of shizuishan's publicity. He zhanfu landscape painting exhibition was held in renmin art museum of jinan city, shandong province, and personal exhibitions were held many times in linyi zaozhuang and other places. It created a precedent for our city's painters to hold personal art exhibitions in the capital of the eastern cultural province. I have broadcasted personal feature films on ningxia TV for many times.


Tao yimei, born in 1968, from zhongshan, guangxi, graduated from guangxi art institute. In 2007, he was admitted as a master's degree in figure painting in chinese painting college of guangxi academy of arts. He studied under professor zheng junli, a famous painter. In 2010, he graduated with a master's degree and stayed at school to teach.
Member of china artists association, vice president, professor, master tutor, director of guangxi artists association, executive director of lijiang painting promotion association, member of guangxi calligraphers association, director of guangxi young calligraphers association, director of nanning artists association.
Participated in more than 30 scientific research projects of various levels, among which participated in the national art fund art talent training project "southern minority chinese figure painting creation talent training" in 2016 ", in 2017, the general project of art of national social science foundation was set up as" the change of painting in song and yuan dynasties and the change of evaluation standards ".
Presided over the guangxi postgraduate education innovation program, "research on the integration of the reform of lijiang painting school and postgraduate training mode", "the performance of comprehensive materials in chinese painting" and so on.


Jin changhong, formerly known as jin changhong, was born in 1968. In 1991, he studied in the chinese painting research class of beijing academy of painting, and learned from mr. ma quan; In 2006, he studied in the second creation high-tech research class of china association for fine arts; In 2013, he studied in the creation class of chen yuming's ink home.
Member of china artists association, full-time painter of gansu painting academy, director of gansu chinese painting association, deputy curator of jinchang cultural center, vice chairman of jinchang artists association.


Wang long, from harbin.
Member of chinese artists association, member of art education committee of chinese artists association, postdoctoral fellow of chinese language and literature, director of heilongjiang artists association, deputy director of chinese painting committee, director of chinese painting association, professor of art college of harbin normal university, master's tutor, doctor of fine arts, winner of national art fund, editorial board of national twelfth five-year plan art teaching materials.


Mi jinsuo, with the character wen yi, was born in 1964 in zhang county, gansu province and is a research librarian. He is a member of china artists association; A member of gansu artists association, a member of judges library experts, and a member of art creation committee on major themes; A painter is employed in the chinese painting academy of gansu painting academy; A painter is employed in the painting academy of gansu cppcc; traditional art experts of gansu provincial intangible cultural heritage expert committee; Experts of national art fund evaluation committee; Experts of gansu provincial science and technology project evaluation committee. He is currently the chairman of the artists association of jiayuguan city, the leading talent of jiayuguan city, the member of the cppcc of jiayuguan city, and the curator of the cultural center of jiayuguan city. Traditional chinese painting works have been selected for 16 times in the national art works exhibition sponsored by the chinese artists association and have the qualification to join.

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01艺术家简介张西华,笔名张席华,出生于河北,现居北京。毕业于河北工艺美术学院, 2013年在河北师范大学白云乡山水高研班学习,2017年在北京圣融美术院学习,师承张津诚先生。中国美术家协会会员,中国工笔画学会会员,中国传统文化促进会会员。参展获奖2015作品《秋色亦朦胧》参加中国美协主办的首届八大山人全国山水画展 (优秀奖);2018作品《初晨》“丹青扬州



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